Parker Bilal is the author of six novels in the acclaimed Makana series. These novels cover the decade leading up to the 2011 Arab Spring.

Makana, an ex-police detective exiled from his native Sudan for political reasons makes a living in Cairo hiring his services out as a private investigator.

He lives on an awama, or houseboat, on the Nile. Each novel is a stand alone. The series features events that occurred in each of the years featured with reoccurring characters.

The series so far comprises six novels. You can find more details on this site.

Parker Bilal has taken a break from Makana to write a new series that is based in London. These books feature two new characters: Ray Crane and Cal Drake.

The Divinities is the first in the series, to be followed in the autumn of 2019 by The Heights. Parker is hard at work on the third book in what will be an opening trilogy.